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Keeping Our Bike Blenders Kosher

Sarah Jacklin - April 29, 2022
Wheely Good Smoothies has often gotten the question, "Are your pitchers Kosher?" In order to find out more, we reached out to a recent client who was kind enough to answer our questions about kosher practices, ingredients, and resources.

Smoothie Bike Rental vs Catered. How to decide?

Sarah Jacklin - April 28, 2022
Interested in hosting a smoothie bike event but not sure whether to rent one or have us cater? Don't worry, we'll break down both options to help you decide.

Can I Recycle This? Wishful recycling and Baltimore City guidelines

Sarah Jacklin - April 26, 2022
Recycling isn't quite as simple as "Is it plastic? Let's put it in the blue bin." It's a delicate process, and wishful recycling may not be as helpful as you think.
Our stationary bike blenders spin as you pedal, mixing you instant and delicious fruit smoothies. We give you the power to make any event compelling, memorable and fun.

Wheely Good Smoothies is a Bike Powered Events brand. We design and build bicycle-powered activities that engage audiences in fun, creative, and empowering ways.

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