Power to the people children

This is more than just smoothies, and more than a bike. It’s a way to get
children’s mental gears turning as they pedal for a tasty treat.
Smoothie bikes introduce a fun, dynamic aspect to any educational activity. Incorporate them into a physics, energy conservation, nutrition or health lesson. Work them into a gym class. Plus there’s always an opportunity for a hands-on smoothie making lesson.

Engage almost any age

Every smoothie bike has an adjustable seat that accommodates adults and children, ages six and up. If a child is too small they can still participate in other ways such as picking out ingredients.

Turn fundraising into fun raising

We know that the better organised a fundraiser is, the more successful it will be. That’s why we provide an engagement guide, recipes and a shopping list to help you prepare and make this your best event yet.

Pedal your way to 5 A Day

Many schools are big believers in the yogurt smoothie – especially now since they now can be served any time of day, per USDA regulations classifying yogurt in smoothies as a “meat alternate.”

Make it part of any event

Smoothie bikes span the curriculum: from fitness to culinary arts to science to design and technology school fair, conference, Earth Day celebration, STEAM fair, party, cooking demonstration or workshop.

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Pricing & Rentals
Our stationary bike blenders spin as you pedal, mixing you instant and delicious fruit smoothies. We give you the power to make any event compelling, memorable and fun.

Wheely Good Smoothies is a Bike Powered Events brand. We design and build bicycle-powered activities that engage audiences in fun, creative, and empowering ways.

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